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What are the VATs?

VAT spaces are sites of high territorial value that are abandoned, degraded and deprecated.

They are numerous and present to all the setbacks in our country. The trend towards urban growth through the construction of ex novo spaces in recent decades has often gone beyond the conservation and restoration of existing buildings or areas. The degradation of these sites with high added value, either by their patrimonial, architectural, cultural or natural characteristics, has increased significantly with the bursting of the housing bubble and the lack of economic resources to maintain, preserve or make use of them.

This study must allow you to know the location, quantity, status and type of disused and degraded spaces with added value from Catalan territory to allow for better heritage management of our environment. At the same time, knowing the VAT generates synergy between the different economic sectors, the Administration and the territory in the social and economic revitalization of the country. It is therefore a matter of taking advantage of neglected areas to be an opportunity and an activator of the economy of the surrounding territory.

These are areas that we believe need to be preserved, by activating them with an individual and custom strategic project that will enable them to recover and bring a benefit (the added value) to the territory around it in the form of heritage, cultural and landscape recovery. They are also key to the creation of new uses and new economic activity or niches of new jobs, among others.

The VAT types may be multiple, for example: an old disused factory, an abandoned flour mill, an emblematic building of a village or city, a characteristic urban environment with loss of entity, an abandoned entire village, an abandoned spa, an agricultural or natural space with relation to human activity, etc.

The VAT inventory does not, therefore, contain all sites in use or rehabilitated that are already in operation, regardless of their patrimonial value. These in any case would be VAT spaces rehabilitated successfully (or not).

The VAT spaces are also not merely a collection of disused heritage elements, if not elements that we believe have multiple values, have or may have a neural presence in the territory and that the way to rehabilitate them is by starting some project or activity around them.

What do we do?

We locate in the territory those areas that are disused and at risk of deterioration, but which have high added value (for heritage, natural, social, etc.) and which show a strong potential for rehabilitation and use.

We compile all these spaces on a map and manage their information.

We make STRATEGIC plans to evaluate the potential of these spaces.

Let us follow up, look for funding and implement the project with the help of the TERRITORIAL ACTORS.

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