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What we do?

GEOLOCATION, MANAGEMENT, ORDERING, and evaluating data scattered across the territory for better management, planning, optimising and saving resources, thanks to the exploitation of geoinformation.

We are working on the whole geoinformation cycle: we make inventories on the street, we do data consulting and we do it on the back.

We work the data using GIS (GEOGRAPHICAL information systems) tools and we have flexibility so that these can be integrated into any territorial information system, both of cartographic viewers already running the client, as well as for generating online maps or maps to be integrated into the web (GoogleMaps, CartoDB, Instamaps, etc.) up to the structure of database systems to be worked with more traditional tools (Desktop Gis, Spreadsheets, etc.)

We can build GIS CORPoratives or Territorial Information Systems for the customer using Open Source tools that facilitate cost reduction and cost optimization.

We do data analysis and GIS consulting. We can cross geolocalized information with other layers to do a detailed study of relationships with the different elements of their environment. We have GIS tools that allow studies from Geomarketing to visual and landscape impacts.

However, we also maintain client-side data in order to keep the GIS CORPORATE, online maps, database information, etc.

You can see all our projects done about GeoInformation in the following link: