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What we do?

From strategic planning, and with the aim of defining a model of attractive territory to live in, we offer territorial consultancy. We have economic operators and local administrations. Our functions can be inscribed in the next theme areas:

LAND URBAN PLANNING: Land plans, Urban plans, Mobility plans and Accessibility.

ENVIRONMENT: Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Sustainabilty, Natural hazard Studies.

LANDSCAPE: Catalogue and Landscape Study.

STUDIES: Urban, Socioeconomic and demographic studies.

MARKETING ONLINE: SEO / SEM consulting to position premises, warehouses or other spaces, in the main web search engines.

INVENTORIES: Inventories of elements that can be geolocated: street furniture, trees, places, etc.

CARTOGRAPHIC-GIS/GIT: Cartographic and Gis on demand, Gis Consulting and Geomarketing.

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