Programa Kit Digital


Solution A

Web Design (or landing page) and Programming with a personalized template and fully self-managing administration panel (CMS).
From 675€.
(Maximum amount of aid 2.000€).

Solution B

Custom web design (or landing page) and programming with a fully self-manageable administration panel (CMS).
From 1.500€.
(Maximum amount of aid 2.000€).

Solution C

Campaign design (SEM) for the promotion of a website in Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising or Linkedin Ads.
From 275€.
(Maximum amount of aid 2.000€).

Solution D

Hybrid mobile application design and programming.
From 10.000€.
(Maximum amount of aid 2.000€).

Solution E

Design and Programming of native mobile application (iOS / Android).
From 20.000€.
(Maximum amount of aid 2.000€).

How to get your bonus?

1. Register on Acelera pyme and complete the self-diagnostic test. This way you will know the level of digitalization that your company has.

2. Request Digital Kit help at the electronic office from, completing all the steps of the form.

3. Contact us to clarify any doubt and start the digital change of your company.

Programa Kit Digital