We offer INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS for the existing elements in the LAND, according to environmental landscape and social sustainability, not forgetting THE CLIENT’S NEED and aiming to revalue these elements so as to obtain MUTUAL BENEFIT

Our services are structured in three branches:



  • We search for SOLUTIONS to foster land aspects at all scales: from little urban places or buildings to wider natural areas.
  • We do accurated DIAGNOSTICS of the current situation of land elements or aspects from different perspectives.
  • We developed a PLAN and we define the steps to take in order to make it come true.
  • We do monitoring, seek funding, and execute the project, coopering with all LAND AGENTS involved.


  • We MANAGE, ARRANGE i GIVE VALUE  to data spread throughout the land for a better manegement, planning and use of information. 
  • We GEOLOCATE those singular elements in the land according to our clients’ need, developing a Geographic Information System (GIS), so as to visualize and manage them from our CARTOGRAPHIC VISOR (SGVisor).
  • We have simple SELF-MANAGEMENT tools, which optimize the information from georeferencied elements: GESTPODA and GESTMOB.
  • We add those layers that we consider key for a detailed LOCATION STUDY AND ANALYSIS and their interaction with the environment.


We carry out land related, studies planning or specific consulting. Althought they are much interconnected, our functions can be inscribed in the next theme areas:

  • LAND URBAN PLANNING: Land plans, Urban plans, Mobility plans and Accessibility.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Sustainabilty, Natural hazard Studies.
  • LANDSCAPE: Catalogue and Landscape Study.
  • STUDIES: Urban, Socioeconomic and demographic studies.
  • MARKETING ONLINE: SEO / SEM consulting to position premises, warehouses or other spaces, in the main web search engines.
  • INVENTORIES: Inventories of elements that can be geolocated: street furniture, trees, places, etc.
  • CARTOGRAPHIC-GIS/GIT: cartographic and Gis on demand, Gis Consulting and Geomarketing.

In addition we carry out EXPERTISES of those land conflicts that need a professional evaluation.