It is a village with medieval origin, catalogued both by the local council and the Catalan Government. It is currently uninhabited and between two housing states belonging to the municipality of Calafell; We are devoted its restoration and recovery. Clicking in the next link, you can check the whole projecte:


We can find the rural village of Montpaó in the north of Calafell. Its origins dates back to the Middle Age. It was inhabited until the first half ot he last century but currently no one lives there and it is in a very deteriorated condition. Some house structures are stills standing but they are run down. The crop fields alongside the houses are also abandoned and this fact increases the risk of wildfire because Montpaó is located between two forests


Three proposed areas: Hotel, gourmet centre and agrostore.


Montpaó project aims to involve differents agents to provide a transversal solution to Montpao’s current situation. The project focuses on the rehabilitation of those buildings that are in better condition. The first stage of the project focuses on the promotion of three areas: A small rural hotel; a space to offer oil, wine and vinegar tastings, likelly to be transformed in to a benchmark gourmet centre; and also an area intended to become an agroshop, this intervention would also help the residencial areas around, which are lacking supply.